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COVID-19 Support for families

Borders Additional Needs Group SCIO are supporting Additional Needs Families in the Scottish Borders in the purchase of sensory resources/toys to help children manage their time at home with their families. During these challenging times of social restrictions ASN children can find this particularly difficult due to their sensory needs. We are also offering crucial support for them and their families.

In addition to this Borders Additional Needs SCIO will provide tablets to ASN Youths aged 14-19 years of age, allowing them to join Borders Additional Needs Group SCIO newly funded Branching Out ASN Transitional Youth project in partnership with Youth Borders.

If you are a family in the Scottish Borders in need of this support, please complete our form below.

Completed application form and guidance form can be emailed to us at:


Borders Additional Needs Group have set up a call service for families and parent carers in the Scottish Borders to call at any time. We are offering peer support, welfare calls and can offer information on where to go for help.


Our support line is here for you. Give us a call on:


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