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A Day of Insight and Inspiration at the University of Glasgow

Wow, what a great day at the University of Glasgow! Our neurodivergent young people took center stage, leading an insightful workshop for professors and researchers on living with neurodivergence. The event was a unique platform where experiences and expertise intersected, creating a rich tapestry of knowledge and understanding.

The workshop wasn't just about sharing personal stories, though these were powerful and moving. It also featured contributions from various organisations and other neurodivergent individuals, providing a comprehensive view of the current landscape and highlighting key areas where further research is crucial.

Conference 2024- Branching Out Youths.Master
Download PDF • 13.06MB

In all, the workshop was a vibrant and enlightening experience, fostering a sense of community and mutual respect. It was a reminder of the power of inclusive dialogue and the importance of elevating diverse voices in the pursuit of knowledge and progress.

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