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We want to help every family with additional support needs live life as fully as they can. Your donation helps us to do that.

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“Hi, I just wanted to give you and your team a massive thankyou for the efforts you go to ensure the sandcastle is accessible and welcoming for people with additional needs. My son has autism and it is often touch and go whether an outing will work for him. We had an amazing time this morning, particularly due to the diligence and friendliness of your team. In particular, I appreciated the lovely customer service person who noticed my son getting restless in the queue and fast tracked us to another desk, made us feel really welcome and got someone to take us to find the accessible room and lockers, the awareness of the lifeguard who quickly warned us the slide we were about to climb up to needed arms tucked in so I could recognise it wasn’t a good plan before we got to the top (having to come down again would have disappointed and confused him as he is non verbal and doesn’t follow explanations well), and your overall consideration in having a quiet hour at the start of each day, the sensory/quiet room, and such well trained staff."

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